Movements Making Space Need People Taking Place
Courtesy of The Ojibwe People’s Dictionary University of Minnesota c. 1905

Foreign entities like Australian-Chinese dominated Greenland Minerals and Swiss giant Glencore are facing resistance from local communities who see a longer term future.

Long undervalued, these remote areas where people have extracted and destroyed so much natural heritage represent under-appreciated economic and cultural values that are being assessed far below their potential.

A Future Polymet Mine Site, Courtesy of Water Legacy
Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Courtesy of Minneapolis St. Paul Pioneer Press

These areas, still considered by many to be empty or useless, are also intrinsically valuable.

Rural populations — when they are not romanticized — have often been portrayed as a drag on the dynamic development of cities.

Courtesy of Greenland Travel, Flickr

These organizations focus on re-engaging citizens in meaningful, informed self-determination.

A Citizen’s Jury in Action, Leeds UK, Courtesy of

the potential for advocating long-term interests together is within reach of diverse communities, in spite of their history.



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Andrew Crosby

Andrew Crosby

Working with pioneering firms, policymakers, and civil society actors to cultivate social, environmental, and economic synergy toward a 3rd Horizon world.