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Working with pioneering firms, policymakers, and civil society actors to cultivate social, environmental, and economic synergy toward a 3rd Horizon world.


  • Aarti Shah

    Aarti Shah

  • Janice Shade

    Janice Shade

    Social entrepreneur, financial innovator, author. I seek the road less traveled…the seeds of innovation lie there.

  • Mark Timberlake

    Mark Timberlake

    A quest for insights from subterranean depths. Seeker of ideas, awakenings, alchemy. Thoughts from a troubled star.

  • Arlene Hopkins

    Arlene Hopkins

  • Camille Pène

    Camille Pène

    Culture, innovation, écologie. Accompagne les transformations par la collaboration. Co-fondatrice du collectif Les Augures. Ex Directrice du festival FUTUR.E.S.

  • Nigel Taptiklis

    Nigel Taptiklis

    Bridging creative tensions to the futures we want

  • Dan J

    Dan J

    33 year old writer/artist. I write poetry and i have written 3 books. One of them is on sale on Amazon and is about leadership. I also create beautiful artwork.

  • Ann Green

    Ann Green

    Content Manager at ClickHelp. In my blog, I write about technical writing.

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